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Fill Rate

What is Fill Rate?

Fill rate is the percentage of ad requests that are served with actual advertisements. You can calculate this by dividing the total number of ad impressions shown by the total number of ad requests.

Why is it important?

Fill rate is an important metric because it can affect total revenue and CPM. A low fill rate means that your users may not be seeing ads most of the time and thus not earning revenue. A high fill rate on the other hand means that there is a large amount of demand available for your inventory. When it comes to banner and videos ads, the fill rate can very based on your users’ location, demographics, and interest.

How is AdGate Media’s fill rate?

AdGate Media’s offer wall solution has a near 100% fill rate. This allows users all over the world to always have opportunities to participate with our offer wall. Although advertisers pay us on a performance model rather than per impression – the average eCPM trends much higher than standard banner and video ads.