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Rewarded Ads Integration Options

Choose the format that works best for you:


Web Offer Wall

Reward users for taking surveys, completing quizzes, and trying new apps. The offer wall provides a highly rewarding experience for your users. Users will return to your app or website just to find new opportunities to earn virtual credits.


Offer Wall SDK

Are you a mobile app developer? You can integrate the AdGate Rewards offer wall using our lightweight SDK. Install and watch your ARPU skyrocket!


API Integration

Do you have your own native solution? Use our API to add additional rewarded opportunities for your users. Our documentation is simple, yet thorough.

Why Monetize With
AdGate Media?

We offer flexibility and performance.


Your App, Your Integration

No one wants app bloat. We made sure to make our SDK very light, but if that’s not your cup of tea, no problem! You can integrate via Web View or API as well.


Multi-Platform Support

Desktop, Android, iOS, iWhatever. Our monetization solutions are platform agnostic.



Our reports make it easy to understand what you are promoting and how much you’re earning. If there’s a campaign that doesn’t align with your brand’s interests, you can easily disable it.


Worldwide Demand

With over 2,000 active campaigns live at any time, you can rest assured that your eCPMs will be high. Our data-driven algorithms select the best performing campaigns specifically for your users.