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AdGate Rewards

AdGate Rewards

An alternative payment solution for virtual goods

AdGate Rewards provides your users the opportunity to receive rewards while engaging with their favorite brands.

Earn money from your game or app without asking your users to open their wallets. Your users will choose what brands they want to connect with and earn points in your app or game after registering, installing, or purchasing from a brand.

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Mobile App Wall

Make money from your mobile traffic

The Mobile App Wall allows you to recommend free apps for iOS and Android to your users.

This tool can be used to monetize your premium content. Use the Mobile App Wall as a tool to provide access to an in-app reward, software, or media only after a user has installed a sponsored app.

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Mobile App Wall
Gateway locker

Gateway Locker

8x more effective than banner ads

The Gateway Locker is a highly customizable tool that allows you to monetize any webpage by copying and pasting a single line of code. Design your Gateway Locker using our easy to understand editor.

Earn money from visitors of any country and from visitors using any device. Be confident that every visitor of yours will have an opportunity to make you money.

Thoroughly researched optimization algorithms will make sure that the best performing ads are always served to your users.

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Link Locker

Monetize any URL

The Link Locker is a tool that allows you to earn from any link on the web without having to deal with any code. Our editor allows you to create a Link Locker that best matches your product or service.

Make money from your ebooks, videos, music, software etc. You don't even need a website! We give you a link that you can share with your customers.

Choose from a variety of tested and high converting designs. Each design can also be customized using basic HTML.

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Link Locker


For Networks, Apps, Offer Walls

Placeholder of Your Feature

Our very simple API allows you to pull our entire campaign feed into your platform. Whether you run a network, PPD site, or an offerwall, we can help connect you to our large system of advertisers.

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Reporting & Tracking

Industry leading tracking

Experience a highly in depth reporting system that will produce any information you ask from it.

Our custom built tracking system provides speed without sacrificing for accuracy. Be sure that every click you send will load promptly and will always be tracked.

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Large Volume

AdGate Media generates high quality leads in large volumes. We send our advertisers over 500,000 qualified leads every month.

Geo and Device Targeting

Are you looking for Windows Phone traffic from Zimbabwe? We can deliver it! Receive leads from any location and any device.

Only Pay for Results

Don't spend money on clicks and impressions that may not convert. We only charge for leads that turn into real users and customers!

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