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What is an SDK?

SDK stands for software development kit. An SDK is a downloadable set of files that allows a developer to build an application using tools provided by a platform.

Why is an SDK important?

In the mobile development space, there are many platforms that provide useful tools. Advertising, attribution, debugging, logging, and many other platforms exist to assist app developers. Many of these platforms require the developer to integrate an SDK into their app in order to use the platform. Although many platforms provide very useful tools for developers, some can hurt the user experience. For example, poorly optimized SDKs can slow down an app.

It is important to test each SDK you include in your app. The use of too many SDKs can also cause “SDK bloat”. This can have a negative impact on app performance and user experience. Some advertising SDKs can also collect personal information about your users that you or the user may not want to share.

What kind of SDK does AdGate Media provide?

AdGate Media has an iOS and Android SDK available to developers. Both of our SDKs are extremely light-weight. The purpose of our SDKs is solely to serve ads and enable tracking attribution. However, we also understand that some developers may not wish to use our SDK. Because of this, we offer alternatives. For publishers we allow integration via a web view or API. For advertisers, we support most major attribution platforms.