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App Monetization

What is App Monetization?

App monetization is the process of earning revenue from a mobile app. There are a number of different ways to monetize an app. Here are some of the most popular ways developers choose to monetize:

  • Premium Version
    Many apps offer both a free and a premium version of their app. The premium version may have additional features that the free version does not include. Developers charge money for the premium version.
  • In-App Purchases
    Developers can charge for items within their app. These paid items may include: special features, virtual currency, removal of ads, extra content.
  • Ads
    Displaying advertisements to users is one of the most common forms of monetization. There are a number of different ad formats that developers can use.

What types of ads can I monetize my app with?

If you’ve chosen to use ads for app monetization, you will have to decide between different ad formats. Below are the most common ad formats available for developers to use.

  • Banner Ads
    These are the traditional rectangular ads that are seen all over the web. Banner ads are easy to implement. However, they are likely to provide the lowest eCPM in comparison to other ad formats.
  • Video Ads
    Developers can choose from two types of video ads to show to their users: rewarded and non-rewarded. Rewarded video ads provide the user with an incentive to watch the video. Usually the incentive is some in-app virtual currency. Non-rewarded video ads are shown to the user without giving them any rewards. Non-rewarded video ads are typically shown in places where there is a natural break in the user experience, such as in between game levels.
  • Playable Ads
    Playable ads are interactive advertisements that allow the user to engage with the ad. In terms of integration, these ads are usually displayed in the same slots as video ads.
  • Interstitial Ads
    These ads are similar to banner ads, but they take up the entire screen. Like non-rewarded video ads, they typically are placed in a position where there is a natural break for the user.
  • Native Ads
    Native ads are meant to blend in with the design of an app. These ads can come in many different formats. You can often spot native ads within content feeds as “sponsored” content.
  • Offer Walls
    Offer walls are full-screen, rewarded ad units. These ad units allow users to complete an action of their choice in exchange for in-app content. Virtual currency is the most typical content rewarded by an offer wall. In comparison to most other ad formats, offer walls return a much higher eCPM and provide a non-intrusive experience for the user.

How does AdGate Media help with app monetization?

AdGate Media provides developers with an offer wall and rewarded video ad units. With these two tools, we can connect your users to high performing, premium brands. Our data-heavy algorithms also ensure that your ad placements meet their maximum earning potential. We do this by showing your users the right ads at the right time. Integration is possible via our iOS and Android SDKs, API, or a simple web view.